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We are committed to enhancing and restoring teeth and regaining the beauty of your smile. Our professional and friendly staff uses advanced procedures with one goal in mind: getting you stunning, long term smiles.

We are committed to the following principles:

High quality service standards assure that our dental procedures always reach superior results. Uncompromised Safety to protect you against infections. Our sterilization and hygiene processes meet the ADA and FDA standards. Latest technology and procedures offer you the best tools and procedures available in the industry. Allow us to take care of your dental needs and experience our outstanding and positive service.

Get in touch to explain to us your needs. Submit your request using our form or send us an e-mail. If you prefer call us at + 011-(506) 2290-2121 or + 011-(506) 2203-4747. There is no cost involved in requesting a treatment plan.

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Within USA local call: 954-703-5010

International call: 011-506-2290-2121

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