We value your time. The CLEO method seeks the most effective process.
Get a clear diagnosis. Once you expose your case to us we will begin to design your treatment plan at no cost to you. Please contact us and submit your request using the form or send us an e-mail.
Review your treatment plan and budget. CLEO will provide you with a dental plan(s) molded to your needs and budget.
Arrange your stay in Costa Rica. We will provide information of recommended hotels close to our facilities. If you want to enjoy the beauty of Costa Rica while you are here, one of our travel allies Solimar (a Washington D.C.-based travel agency) can build you a travel plan that fits your budget and expectations. A travel plan can be arranged free of cost.
Travel to Costa Rica and get the planned dental treatment. You will get our excellent treatment and ongoing assistance during the immediate recovery period.
Once you get back home, CLEO will be in contact to follow-up on your treatment and get your feedback on the quality of the service provided.
GUARANTEE: Our guarantee covers crowns, porcelain veneers or onlays for 5 years if tooth is still restorable.

We encourage continuous contact throughout the process. We offer our support to you at any time and in English. It is essential that you feel safe and welcome at our clinics in Costa Rica. We put a great deal of effort to provide you with the best service and fulfill your expectations.


Contact us

Within USA local call: 954-703-5010

International call: 011-506-2290-2121

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